giovedì 30 marzo 2017

Digital Transformation with X-ray – Promise of Process Mining

Stating the obvious – digital transformation

It goes without saying that digital transformation will be the major headline for communications service providers (CSPs) for years to come. We can very well leave it here, just stating the obvious. But that surely is very little said. It does not shed any light on the actual challenges that you must overcome before, during, or after the transformation.

Experience tells us that even well prepared digital transformers will hit the heavy friction early on in their preparations of becoming a digital organization. It seems the more you prepare, the worse your chances get. It is a sudden impact that creeps upon you quietly, slaps you in the back of your head, so doubts and double vision are normal. If this didn’t happen, something went possibly wrong!

Webinar QPR: Process KPI

Che cosa è il Process Mining? Si può andare oltre alla Business Intelligence tradizionale? Vuoi monitorare al meglio i KPI dei tuoi processi?

Partecipa, il primo martedì di ogni mese, ai nostri webinar.
Avrai l'opportunità di approfondire l'approccio Process Mining e come mi permette di ottenere solidi KPI a supporto dei processi aziendali.

I temi dei Webinars saranno i seguenti:
4 Aprile - "On Time in Full"
2 Maggio - "From purchase requisition to purchase order"
6 Giugno - "Order change impacts"
4 Luglio - "Invoicing lead time"

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