giovedì 27 aprile 2017

Cash Discount Utilization Process KPI - Webinar

Tutte le organizzazioni vorrebbero avere sempre maggiori sconti sulle proprie forniture, e se migliorassimo il processo di acquisto?
Avere un buon controllo del processo Purchase-to-Pay permette di avere uno "sconto" continuo sulle proprie forniture.

Registrati subito per prenotare il tuo posto in questo webinar sui "Processo KPI":

  • Scopri come con l'approccio process mining e QPR ProcessAnalyzer possono essere utilizzati per otteren continuo "sconti" nei processi di approvvigionamento
  • Vedi alcuni casi di successo dei nostri clienti
  • Scopri come ridurre il lead time nel vostro processo "Accounts Payable"
  •  Fai a esperti di processo Purchase-to-Pay
Martedi 2 maggio 2017 - h. 12.00

Relinc Consulting è il partner italiano di QPR

venerdì 14 aprile 2017

Microsoft Dynamics AX - Reducing lead time with process mining


As a Microsoft Dynamics AX customer, you know that AX is an agile and flexible ERP solution for large and medium enterprises. The flip side is many Microsoft Dynamics AX customers have poor visibility to the actual end-to-end processes and to all possible variations taking place in their operations. At the same time, customer needs are increasing and you must be able to deliver more added-value with less resources in the future. You do have data but really no intelligence over it or you have some BI or KPIs but not the actual root-causes for them. Therefore, your end-to-end process visibility is really limited.

If you identified your organization being in the situation mentioned above, meaning you are not yet QPR Software’s customer and not familiar with power of process mining, please continue reading. Within 4 minutes, you will learn – how QPR Software and process mining can help you obtain fact based understanding of existing challenges within the process.