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Microsoft Dynamics AX - Reducing lead time with process mining


As a Microsoft Dynamics AX customer, you know that AX is an agile and flexible ERP solution for large and medium enterprises. The flip side is many Microsoft Dynamics AX customers have poor visibility to the actual end-to-end processes and to all possible variations taking place in their operations. At the same time, customer needs are increasing and you must be able to deliver more added-value with less resources in the future. You do have data but really no intelligence over it or you have some BI or KPIs but not the actual root-causes for them. Therefore, your end-to-end process visibility is really limited.

If you identified your organization being in the situation mentioned above, meaning you are not yet QPR Software’s customer and not familiar with power of process mining, please continue reading. Within 4 minutes, you will learn – how QPR Software and process mining can help you obtain fact based understanding of existing challenges within the process.

QPR Software has 26 years of experience in processes and enterprise architecture and sales of more than 1 000 000 licenses for over 2 000 world-wide customers. Over the last 5 years, QPR Software has done process mining with great results. Process mining is, in short, utilizing your over lying IT system’s data to: cut costs, increase sales and improve process conformance. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a patented process mining product which brings you all the previous benefits. As a MS AX customer, you are in an awesome position since we have a readymade QPR Microsoft Dynamics AX connector for you.

By implementing QPR process mining solution, you will be able to visualize all the transactions happening in your ERP system from a data point of view, because MS AX records timestamps and logs of the tasks being done, like creating/modifying SOs or POs. Obviously, all the dates such as actual delivery or payment dates are also stored in the data. By “mining” that data with QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you will construct your visual end-to-end process flowchart and performance figures within minutes:

Order to cash process – MS Dynamics AX

You might think that your organization knows already about on-time-delivery rate or the bottleneck of your processes (which are not easy to identify even with traditional BI tools), so where is the kick? The greatness is that process mining brings you the root-causes behind those bare KPIs. This is why answering questions such as: “What are the top 5 reasons why we did not deliver on time”, “What kind of lead times do we have and how do they compose” or “What actions cause our bottlenecks” becomes super easy.

Besides acquiring the ability of answering tricky operations’ questions, here are top 10 benefits of process mining recorgnized by our customers:

  1. Optimize lead times between any two steps in the process.
  2. Facts based understanding of existing challenges within the process and the ability to fix them quickly and accurately.
  3. Obtain intellignece about optimizing improvement and process development.
  4. Execute decision making based on objective facts.
  5. Improved delivery accuracy leading to better customer satisfaction.
  6. Generate quickly as-is process-diagrams.
  7. A cost-efficient way to get understanding of the benefits of data based process analytics.
  8. Variance analysis and benchmarking.
  9. Capabilities to zoom in on facts like when has the transaction been executed and by whom
  10.  Provides current baseline of process performance.

Ready to take the leap into the data-driven world?

Initiate a proof of concept (POC) project with us to obtain the benefits of process mining immediately within your business. During the POC project, you will receive end-to-end process analysis, for example, on Order-to-Cash or Procurement-to-Pay process, and 2 KPI's of your choice with root-causes. POC is estimated to be accomplished in 10 consulting days.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Book a free-of-charge 30-minute online analysis with us and see with your own eyes the possibilities of process mining with MS AX data.

Interested to learn more? Sign up for our upcoming webinar about utilizing MS AX data with process mining on 18th of May.

Thanks for reading and because you just read this blog post, you are closer to boosting your organization’s future. Your biggest competitor is you not doing the vital business development for your future while your competitors – dare to improve.

All the best from sunny Finland,

Olli Komulainen

QPR Business Development Specialist

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